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Ask Dr. Ross

  • #EyeOpeners - Vision By Design
    Are you or your children near-sighted?  Are your eyes changing every year, getting weaker and weaker?  Stop the madness!  Join Dr. Ross in the fight against the myopia epidemic!  Find Read more
  • #EyeOpeners -- BlephEx
    Congrats to Lori, Rebecca, and Jules for obtaining their certifications as Lid Hygienists!  Watch and listen to our team describe this great treatment for people who are suffering from red, burning, Read more
  • #EyeOpeners -- Infant Exam 101
    Dr. Ross demonstrates the key aspects to an InfantSee exam, with a little help from Charlie! Read more
  • #EyeOpeners -- Baby Charlotte
    I am starting a new series of #EyeOpeners, using our new baby Charlotte as a way of promoting infant eye health. Over the next few months, we will talk Read more
  • #EyeOpeners -- Blue Light!
    This month I am introducing the topic of "Blue Light." Given the digital revolution and the dramatic shift in time spent on digital devices over the past 2-3 years, Read more
  • #EyeOpeners - Ideal Candidate for Myopia Control
    Corneal Refractive Therapy is a revolutionary way for correcting near-sightedness. By designing a custom fit, corneal mold to be slept in every night, corneal refractive therapy allows for 20/20 Read more
  • #EyeOpeners -- Blue Light Protection
    Is your Eye Doctor discussing and prescribing the newest lens technology to protect your eyes from high energy, visible light? The world has changed and digital devices are here Read more
  • Myopia control with Corneal Refractive Therapy
    This month's video blog topic is using Corneal Refractive Therapy to slow down the progression of near-sightedness in children. Watch the video below and check out our Myopia Control Read more
  • #EyeOpeners -- Father's Day
    Join Dr. Ross and Charlie as they discuss 3 common ocular health issues with babies -- a perfect gift of knowledge for Dad on his special day. Read more
  • #EyeOpeners
    Dr. Ross and baby Charlie are back to discuss visual development in infants! Read more

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