Slowing Down Myopia


Is your Child Near-Sighted? We can help!

Myopia, or near-sightedness, is a common form of refractive error that leads to blurry vision in the distance. It typically starts to develop in the early adolescent years and progresses throughout our early 20s. For years, the only treatment plan available was to prescribe stronger glasses and contact lenses. Year after year, patients with near-sightedness progressed and doctors prescribed stronger and stronger glasses. While it is easy to correct this progression with stronger glasses and contacts, the development of myopia is not without risk. As the eye becomes more myopic, it begins to stretch out and elongate, leading to an increased risk for developing retinal holes, tears, detachments, and blinding conditions such as Glaucoma!

Due to the recent development of myopia at younger and younger ages, many studies have been launched to look at viable options to slow down this progression and protect the future of our children's vision. For a General reference on Myopia control, check out this great information link:

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