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Experts in the field of Dry Eye diagnosis, treatment, and management, the Doctors at North Shore Eye Health and Wellness continually stay up to date on the most comprehensive and cutting edge treatments for this chronic condition. Whether we identify your dry eye signs and symptoms during your comprehensive eye health physical, or you are referred by your eye doctor or another health care professional, we will begin our relationship with a dry eye consultation.

Your Dry Eye Consultation classifies the type and stage of your ocular surface disease and will include an individualized assessment and analysis of the following features:

    Eye check-up
    • Tear film analysis -- did you know your tear film is composed of 3 layers? Dry eye can be the result of a deficiency in anyone, or all, of these layers. Successful treatment relies on the proper diagnosis and the determination of which layer of the tear film is deficient.

    • Corneal Topography and Tear Break Up time -- How irregular is the ocular surface? How quickly are your tears evaporating from your eye?

    • Ocular Surface Damage Assessment -- Is your chronic dry eye-damaging your eye and affecting your visual quality?

    • Evaluation of Eyelids and lashes for signs of infection and inflammation

    • Digital Meibomian Gland Imaging -- 80% of dry eye cases are due to the malfunction of these key structuresmeibomian glands

    • Lab Tests -- yes, in-office lab testing will be completed through quick and easy methods to assess for signs of "toxic" tears and evidence of systemic disease

    Based on the results of your work-up, we will develop a targeted treatment plan to get your eyes back on track. Typically, this will involve a combination of eye drops, medication, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and lid hygiene techniques. In some cases, it may involve one of several minor in-office procedures to assist with restoring a healthy ocular surface. Remember, Dry Eye is a chronic condition and requires significant commitment and maintenance therapy to remain symptom-free. Let the experts at North Shore Eye Health and Wellness help guide you through this process and be a foundation for your success!

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