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#EyeOpeners -- UV light!

This month's #EyeOpeners discusses an important topic. UV radiation. Are you doing what you should be to protect you and your children's eyes from harmful UV radiation?

#EyeOpeners -- Father's Day

Join Dr. Ross and Charlie as they discuss 3 common ocular health issues with babies -- a perfect gift of knowledge for Dad on his special day.

#EyeOpeners -- Back to School

Back to school -- do not forget to cross off one of the most important items on your back to school checklist -- Get an Eye Exam! 80% of

#EyeOpeners -- Blue Light Protection

Is your Eye Doctor discussing and prescribing the newest lens technology to protect your eyes from high energy, visible light? The world has changed and digital devices are here

#EyeOpeners -- Baby Charlotte

I am starting a new series of #EyeOpeners, using our new baby Charlotte as a way of promoting infant eye health. Over the next few months, we will talk

#EyeOpeners - Post Concussion Vision Syndrome

Dr. Ross was asked to lecture at the Wisconsin Athletic Trainer Association's annual convention. Find out what he talked to them about!

Myopia control with Corneal Refractive Therapy

This month's video blog topic is using Corneal Refractive Therapy to slow down the progression of near-sightedness in children. Watch the video below and check out our Myopia Control

#EyeOpeners - Ideal Candidate for Myopia Control

Corneal Refractive Therapy is a revolutionary way for correcting near-sightedness. By designing a custom fit, corneal mold to be slept in every night, corneal refractive therapy allows for 20/20 vision upon waking. Better yet, it is proven to significantly reduce the progression of near-sightedness! Watch the video below to find out who the best candidates are.


Dr. Ross and baby Charlie are back to discuss visual development in infants!

Super Hero Powers? True Story.

Remember that old adage ‘Your eyes are a widow to your soul”. They are actually a window to your health – with some amazing things that Dr. Ross may

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