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Microblepharoexfoliation MBE Treatments

As we continually learn more and more about Dry Eye Disease, it has become increasingly clear that daily lid hygiene plays a major role in the development of the clinically significant dry eye. Dry eye often sneaks upon us and if we wait to treat the condition until symptoms are present, the disease typically has already advanced to a more moderate or severe stage, making it more challenging to manage or reverse.

Fortunately, Dr. Ross and North Shore Eye Health and Wellness are on the cutting edge of dry eye diagnosis, treatment, and management. We will be there to treat your symptoms however, we strive to prevent the disease process before it becomes problematic. This is where routine, lid margin rejuvenation treatments and at home lid hygiene come into play.

We are all familiar with brushing our teeth and flossing (hopefully) on a regular basis. Years ago, when people did not know to do this important task to keep their teeth and gums healthy, we lost our teeth! Now that we perform this on a regular basis, we are keeping our mouths healthy and happy and also, keeping our teeth!

The eyelid and the glands within it (Meibomian Glands) are very similar to our gums. We must keep these glands functioning at a high level in order to keep our eyes and tears healthy. If we neglect these important glands, they become damaged and will "die," resulting in the development of the symptomatic dry eye.

At North Shore Eye Health and Wellness, we recommend daily lid hygiene techniques (see video) and if necessary, in-office lid margin rejuvenation treatments. These treatments are fast, easy, and we use all-natural products to leave your eyes feeling great --similar to your teeth cleaning appointments with your local dental hygienist! Check out the links and videos below for more information and stop in, call, or ask about these services at your next appointment!

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Lipiflow Thermal Pulsation

Are you suffering from the following symptoms?

  • ocular discomfort

  • burning

  • itchy eyelids

  • ocular redness

  • frequent tearing

  • gritty sensation

  • blurry or fluctuating vision

If so, you could be suffering from "Dry Eye Syndrome." In the past, it was commonly thought that Dry Eye Syndrome was simply due to a lack of tear production. However, we now know that over 80% of all dry eye cases are due to a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

MGD impacts one of the layers of our tear film that is responsible for keeping the tear film stable and preventing evaporation. When these glands are damaged, our tear film suffers greatly. In the early stages, a patient may be asymptomatic. However, the disease is chronic and progressive and by the time symptoms are developing, significant disease progression has already taken place.

Fortunately, MGD is easy to diagnose and treat -- we just need to look for it. At North Shore Eye Health and Wellness, treating this all-too-common condition is a priority. That is why we screen all patients for this disease. Once the disease has been recognized, we treat the root cause of the problem with Lipiflow Thermal Pulsation. This highly effective, safe, and comfortable in-office procedure takes about 20 minutes to complete and can lead to symptomatic improvement for months to years! We are so excited to be one of the few practices in the state to have this technology at our disposal and cannot wait to improve our patient's lives.

Are you a candidate for Lipiflow? Find out if you have MGD: Take the MGD Speed Test

Call or stop by today to discuss your candidacy for this groundbreaking treatment!


Heal With Prokera Amniotic Membrane

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Natural, Therapeutic Healing with Prokera Biological Membrane

We are excited to be able to offer this great source of natural healing to our patients. Dr. Ross has been using the Prokera Biological Membrane to heal anterior segment diseases such as corneal abrasions, ulcers, keratitis, and recurrent corneal erosions with great success. We are now pleased to be able to provide our severe dry eye patients with this great treatment option for immediate and long-lasting results.


Contact Lens

What is PROKERA®?

PROKERA® is a therapeutic device (biological membrane contact lens) used to repair and heal damaged eye surfaces. PROKERA® is made by clipping a piece of amniotic membrane tissue in between two rings made out of a clear, flexible material.

What is amniotic membrane tissue?

Amniotic membrane is part of the placenta and is the tissue closest to the baby throughout development in the womb. Amniotic membrane protects the baby from any harm and has natural therapeutic actions that help the baby develop. The tissue has healing properties that aid in ocular surface repair.

What does PROKERA® do?

The amniotic membrane tissue in PROKERA® has natural therapeutic actions that help damaged eye surfaces heal. Eyes treated with PROKERA® have quicker healing, less pain, less scarring, and less inflammation. The amniotic membrane in PROKERA® is thin and clear like the tissue on the surface of your eye and protects your eye's damaged tissue while inserted.

What does PROKERA® treat?

PROKERA® is used by eye doctors to treat eye diseases such as keratitis, corneal scars, chemical burns, corneal defects, partial limbal stem cell deficiency and many other ocular surface diseases with inflammation.

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Is PROKERA® safe?

PROKERA® is a safe, effective treatment provided by a tissue bank regulated by the FDA. The tissue has passed many quality control tests before it is provided to your doctor. Ask your doctor if you are concerned about the risks involved with using human tissue.

Natural, Therapeutic Healing

The amniotic membrane tissue in PROKERA® products, which is preserved using the Company’s proprietary CryoTek® processing method to ensure the tissue retains its full biologic activity, has natural therapeutic actions that help damaged eye surfaces heal. PROKERA® products provide faster and more effective healing of the cornea with less pain, scarring, and inflammation, leading to clear corneas and improved clinical outcomes.

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