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Scleral Lens University

Scleral Lens University

Everything you need to know about Scleral lenses...and more!

Scleral lenses are incredibly pieces of technology that enable the most comfortable and sharpest vision you can imagine. We are fitting scleral lenses for a wide variety of patients, but typically we utilize this lens modality for those patients who want the latest and greatest technology, suffer from chronic dry eye, or have chronic corneal conditions that limit their ability to wear standard contact lenses.

To wear these lenses, we need to perform some precise calculations and measurements of your ocular surface and it can take 2-3 visits before we have that customized lens design completed. One we have designed a custom lens to fit your ocular surface like a glove, all that is left is for you to learn about application, removal, and scleral lens hygiene/care. The following information has been created for our scleral lens wearers as a quick reference point for all things Scleral lenses. Of course, if you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out at any time!

Scleral Contact Lens Resource:

  • great website for general reference

How to use scleral lenses:

Application and removal video:


Of course, North Shore Eye Health and Wellness will take care of designing, ordering, and supplying you with your custom scleral lens. However, you will need some supplies at home that you may not be familiar with.

1) Cleaning/Disinfecting/Storing: Dr. Ross recommends using Alcon's ClearCare, a hydrogen peroxide based cleaning solution. First, rinse your lens with ClearCare and then gently rub in the palm of your hand to remove any debris on the lens. Once rubbing and rinsing is complete, simply store in the ClearCare Case/basket, overnight for at least 6 hours, with ClearCare Solution. Not everyone is able to use ClearCare so for a second option, Dr. Ross recommends Lobob's Optimum C/D/S -- a cleaning, disinfecting, and storage system used for GP (gas permeable, or hard, CLs). As always, Dr. Ross will give you specific recommendations during your contact lens consultation.

2) Nonpreserved sterile saline: When wearing scleral lenses, you will be required to fill the lens bowl with non-preserved sterile saline. This keeps your eye lubricated and healthy, ensuring the most comfortable contact lens fit. You need to be very careful about the type of fluid placed into the bowl as it will be in contact with the ocular surface for the entire wear period. Dr. Ross recommends using 3ml Addipaks -- this can be found at your local pharmacy or can be purchased online: we recommend Amazon however a google search for "Addipak" will provide you with other options.

3) Application and removal: you will need suction cups to assist with application and removal of your scleral lenses.

Dr. Ross recommends the DMV Ultra or the DMV 45 for removal:

and the DMV Vented Scleral Cup for application:

You can find these items directly through the DMV website:
on amazon, or by simply searching google for "DMV scleral"

With all of these resources, once you have completed your scleral lens design and consultation, as well as your in-office application and removal training, you should be ready to hit the ground running!

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