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Daily Lid Hygiene


Medicine is always changing and at North Shore Eye Health and Wellness, we strive to be on the cutting edge of preventative medicine. During your visit, we will likely discuss with you the benefits of daily lid and lash hygiene, in order to minimize symptoms of red, swollen eyelids, chronic dry eye, and maintain a healthy ocular surface for comfortable contact lens wear. This is something that all patients can benefit from. This very easy technique is highly effective and is key to the success of all treatment methods.

50 years ago, we did not know that flossing our teeth was important to prevent gum disease -- we simply thought that when we got old enough, our teeth would fall out and we would all need dentures. Thankfully, we now know this is not true and our dentists have done an excellent job of protecting our mouth, gums, and teeth!

During the day and throughout life, especially if we wear contact lenses, bacteria and debris build up along our eyelids and lashes. Overtime, this process can lead to the build up of biofilms and cause chronic inflammation -- the key ingredient in dry eye syndrome! Fortunately, we now have a game changer to help combat this epidemic: Daily lid hygiene is the norm -- it is as simple as brushing or flossing your teeth!

There are a lot of products out there for eyelid hygiene and it can be quite confusing for the patient. We have hand-picked several excellent options and depending on your individual case, we will select the best fit for you and your eyes.

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