Contact Lens

Contact Lenses

It is our goal to work with each and every patient to assist with meeting your visual needs and to make your experience at our clinic a positive one. One of the services we offer to help attain this goal is the fitting, evaluation, and supply of Contact Lenses. Contact Lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses and refractive surgery. Today's advanced technology allows millions of patients to wear contact lenses comfortably, achieving sharp vision without compromising eye health.

The first step to achieving successful contact lens wear is to receive a comprehensive, eye health and vision examination. We require that examination to have occurred within 6 months from the date of the contact lens consultation. The comprehensive eye exam is critical in assuring good health of your eyes and to rule out the possibility of any underlying condition(s) that may prevent healthy, happy, clear, and safe contact lens use.

Contact Lens Consultations are a separate service from the eye health and vision examination and therefore, have a separate fee. The Contact Lens Consultations at North Shore Eye Health and Wellness will always involve a patient-centered discussion of both lifestyle and contact lens needs to determine your best corrective option while maintaining ocular health. If you suffer from dry eye, allergies, or recurring eye infections, make sure to discuss these items with our staff and Doctors so that we can establish the healthiest option for your contact lens wear. For all contact lens patients, we will assess the corneal health and analyze your tear film to rule out chronic conditions that can affect your comfort with contact lens wear. New to Contact Lens wear? No problem, our staff will gladly walk you through the training for the care, application, and removal of Contact lenses so that you are set up for success!

We offer a wide variety of contact lenses, such as soft contact lenses in daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly replacement options for all types of refractive errors including astigmatism and multifocal lenses! We even offer lenses that you can sleep in! Further, our staff is experienced in fitting and managing patients with specialized contact lens needs, such as patients with dry eye or contact lens intolerance, ocular allergies, or more complex ocular conditions such as keratoconus or corneal transplants. Check out our specialty lenses, here!

Any questions? As always, feel free to ask any one of our staff how you can become a contact lens wearer!


A contact lens is an FDA regulated medical device that is in direct contact with the tissues of your eye; therefore, it must fit properly to maintain the health of your eyes. A contact lens prescription can only be determined by consultation with the doctor, evaluation of the eye's response to wearing a contact lens, and evaluating the health of the eye in regards to wearing the contact lens. Follow-up care is essential, as directed by your doctor. We will communicate a treatment plan to ensure successful lens wear, and it will be your responsibility to keep any appointments (within a 90 day period) and follow all lens care instructions. We want you to be healthy and happy, and your vision clear and crisp with your contact lenses. Generally, we will provide a period of 90 days to allow for prescription adjustments. Once outside of the first 90 days, complimentary follow-ups will be discontinued.

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