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Refund Payment Policy

Refund Policies and Warranties

We will do everything reasonable and in our control to make our service a success and our products to your satisfaction. Please see our return/warranty policies below, for your future reference.

All orders for products sold within North Shore Eye Health and Wellness require 100% payment, up front, before the order is processed. All sales are final.

Please let us know if you are, at any way, unsatisfied with items you have purchased. Every transaction will be reviewed independently and we will do everything in our power to resolve any and all issues to your satisfaction. Because the majority of our products are custom made for your eyes, we reserve the right to redo lenses and exchange eyewear for in-store credit only and/or charge a 50% cancellation fee (if the job was cancelled at your request and at no fault of ours). In-store credit or exchanges must be requested within the first 30 days from the purchase/order date.

Warranty Policy for items purchased at our office:

All eyeglass frames and lenses bought at North Shore Eye Health and Wellness are part of our unprecedented, 2 year, "bumper to bumper" warranty. All warranties are from the original purchase date. No exceptions. When using the warranty, the order will utilize the same exact specifications as the original order. No modifications, except upgrades, are allowed.

All prescription lenses have a one time within 30 day redo warranty,( i.e. change to a new prescription and one time only).

Contact lenses come with no warranty. However, if you discover that a lens is missing or is torn from its original packaging, we will do our best to replace the lens in the form of a free trial lens. Unopened and unmarked boxes can be accepted for returns/exchanges. Opened and/or marked boxes cannot be returned for a refund/exchange.

We need to hear from you:

We never want anyone to be dissatisfied with their experience or materials. However, we know that it does happen from time to time. Please do not hesitate to reach out, explain your situation, and we will be more than happy to help improve the situation. Again we will do everything possible to represent you for problems with the lab and/or vendor and "turn your frown, upside down!"

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