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Treatment And Management Of Ocular Disease

In addition to our Comprehensive Medical Eye Health Evaluations, the Doctors at North Shore Eye Health and Wellness provide a wide array of specialty medical services such as:

  • Urgent Care visits
  • red eye/pink eye
  • eye pain
  • sudden loss/change in vision
  • contact lens complications
  • diagnosis of retinal holes, tears, detachment
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management
  • Dry Eye Treatment and Management
  • Retinal Wellness
    • prevention, treatment and management of Diabetic Eye Disease
    • Hypertensive Eye Disease (High Blood Pressure)
    • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Surgical Pre and Post Operative Care
    • Refractive Surgery – LASIK, PRK
    • Cataract Surgery
    • Cosmetic – Oculoplastic Surgery

We have partnered with the best surgeons in the area to meet all of your advanced, surgical eye care needs. Let the Doctors at North Shore Eye Health and Wellness guide you and your loved ones through the difficult decisions that come with ocular surgery.

We routinely work with other health care professionals, including primary care physicians (PCP), endocrinologists, podiatrists, dental professionals, pharmacists and specialty eye surgeons, to ensure patients receive the highest quality care, maintain good vision, and live healthy lives. We will also make sure to provide a clinical summary of any medical visit to your PCP and all other referring healthcare professionals when appropriate. Our focus is to be pro-active and stress prevention of eye disease to protect the future of all of our patient’s vision.

Please check out our Eye Education Section for more information!

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